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Here you will find more information about new classes and forthcoming events in our gym calendar for 2020

We are OPEN! 

There are new classes available for anyone who would like to join our club, please email


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We can't wait to see everyone!





January 2021 Lockdown

Unfortunately, our gym had to close again due to the instruction from the UK Government.

We resumed Zoom sessions and sent out new BG activity packs for our gymnasts to work on during this time.

Emails were sent to our members with more information as we received it from British Gymnastics and Sport England.

We'd been here before so we could do it again!

We asked everyone to stay safe  and keep in touch, and thanked them so much for their continued support.

2nd December 2020

On Wednesday 2nd December at 4pm, we re-opened our gym doors again.  

It's been wonderful to see our gymnasts & coaching team enjoying themselves again, and to wave "Welcome Back" to their families waiting outside the gym.

A huge THANK YOU to everyone who has continued to support us through these difficult times.

November National Lockdown

After the announcement from the UK Government and British Gymnastics, our gym is currently closed. 

We will be re-opening when instructed, at the end of the UK Lockdown on 2nd December.

We will keep you updated via our Facebook page, Website and email. Please check on these regularly for information.

Zoom gym sessions & home activities

Please check your emails for log in details for Zoom sessions and gym home activities.


Pre-booked gym sessions

If you have booked for November, this will be carried over to the next booking season.

Please don’t book onto Class Manager again until we email you.


Thank you for your understanding in these difficult times.

Take care and stay safe

Team Hartford


August 2020

Our Gym is back open!

We have been open now for a month, and we are so happy to welcome our gym family back.

Lots of happy faces and enthusiastic gymnasts have filled our gym, and we know that all of the hard work behind the scenes has been well worth it.


Our new rules and guidelines are being followed by everyone which is helping the sessions run smoothly.

The New Procedures video on Facebook has helped to alleviate any nerves coming back in after lock-down, and our members have been set up on our new online booking system, which will help to maintain our class timetable and keep to our Covid regulations.


A huge thank you to everyone who has helped to ensure that our gym re-opened again after lock-down.


July 2020

Our Gym is Re-Opening!

We have finally been given the go ahead from the UK Government and British Gymnastics to re-open our gym club, and have been working hard behind the scenes putting procedures in place to welcome our gym family back.


We have a lot of rules and guidelines to follow, but we are so happy to be able to open our gym door again. 


Because of the regulations on class sizes (due to social distancing) and cleaning in between sessions, we are having to limit the number of gymnasts in the building at a time and have put together a temporary gym timetable. 

Mental Health support during Covid-19

British Gymnastics have connected with DAS, which is a free phone counselling helpline, for any members who wish to talk to someone during these difficult times.

The helpline number is

0117 934 2121



To all of our Hartford gymnasts, their families and our Gym family.

We have been following the guidance from British Gymnastics regarding the Covoid-19 pandemic, and although they have said it is up to the individual choice of each club, we have made the sad decision to suspend all classes from 8pm on Friday 20th March.

This decision has been taken in the interest of all our members, their families, our gym family of coaches and the local community.

We know that our club isn’t just a place where children can learn the sport of gymnastics, for some it is an extension of home, a place to catch up with friends, a place to escape to when things become difficult or somewhere they have grown up in.
We are very proud that our club means so much to so many people of various ages, however, it is not an exaggeration to say that this unprecedented situation may very well threaten our existence as a local gymnastics club for children to enjoy and flourish.
With this in mind, we would appreciate beyond measure, anyone capable and willing, of maintaining their direct debits and also, any donations people may be willing to provide. This is simply to ensure that our children still have a local gymnastics club to attend and enjoy when the present situation improves.
For those able to continue with their regular payments, we will ensure that you are reimbursed when the situation has improved enough, to allow us to regularly run gym classes again.

Over the next week, we will be putting gymnastic work plans onto our website for our gymnasts to do at home during this suspension period.


Hartford school of gymnastics has been open for over 23 years and we are very proud of everything we have achieved along the way with all of our gymnasts.

With this in our hearts and mind, we will do our very, very best to ensure that our gym opens again, so that our gymnasts can continue achieving their dreams.


Please continue to follow us through our Facebook, Twitter pages and our website for updates.


Thanks you all for your continued support and we really hope to see you all again as soon as possible.


Take care of yourselves and your loved ones.


Kind regards

Charlie, Michelle, April & the Hartford school of gymnastics family.


Pleasant Title