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Gym Superstar Award

This certificate can be awarded to anyone in the gym, by anyone inside or outside the gym.

eg… If a gymnast shows good support to their teammates, always has a smile throughout their sessions even when things get tough, gymnasts building their resilience, gymnasts improving a number of skills which need immediate recognition and Coaches working their magic with gymnasts or going above and beyond the norm.

These Superstars will be awarded a certificate and a badge highlighting their achievements and have their name on our Hall of Fame on the club website. 


Nominations should be given to a member of the coaching team or be sent via email.

Our Superstars so far are.....

Who are going to be in our Hall of Fame for our new gym year...?

For improving and learning new skills..... 


Abigail Counsil,  Ava Patterson,  Alice Flatman,  Amelia Hadfield,  Amelia Powell,  Bea Entwistle,  Daisy Hadfield,  Daisy Latham,   Daisy-Rae Acton,  Eva-Mae Blackmore-Prior,  Eva Antrobus,       Esme Ashford,  Ella Cartwright,  Emi Webb,  Freya McGarr,     Georgia Tymoszycki,  Harriet Jones,  Isla Currie,  Jessica Lillis,  Jasmine Long,  Jasmine Smallwood,  Leah Stewart,  Libby Mercer,  Lily Fitzgerald,  Lucy Sterry,  Lyra Tompson,  Margot Riding,             Mia Patten,  Millie Gunn,  Millie Seymour,  Nancy Rowland,    Neveah McMillan,  Nicole Jones,  Natalie Davies,  Olivia Armstrong,  Phoebe Robinson,  Ramaya Tamber,  Sasha Dean,  Thani Whitton,  Zuri Webb,  Tess Bowen,  Callum Power,  Daniel Shaw,                Dylan Findlay,  River Boothby,  Thorben Speakes,  Travis Miller,    Lara Pidsley

Ashley Tench

For your ability to multitask and always make sure that the gymnasts you work with learn to their best ability and enjoy themselves.



Arianne Rigby

For encoraging a new child to come into the gym after they were very nervous of trying a new sport and building their confidence to take part on all pieces of apparatus



Charlotte Wheeler

For helping a very anxious new club member come into the gym and really enjoy their first sessin



Mia Cwiklinski

For helping gymnasts to achieve skills and enjoy their sessions



Ruby Thomason

For ensuring all the gymnasts she works with deelop skills whilst enjoying themsleves



Rhea Carless

For working on a 1:1 with a gymnast and ensuring that the gymnast remained on task and enjoyed themselves



Philippa Meachin

for working with many different groups and always ensuring the gymnasts leave happy and smiling


Lockdown Zoom awards

For perseverance, enthusiasm, working hard and learning new skills during Lockdown.....  WELL DONE EVERYONE!

Jasmine Lastowecky,   Eloise Davies,   Natalie Davies,   Jessica Lillis,  Bonnie Cambray,   Holly Bryning,   Isabelle Herbert,   Brooke Roberts,   Logan Fowles,   Dylan Mesala,   Raymond Chesworth,  Orlaith Cunningham,   Rebekah Reeves,   Chloe Ellis,   Millie Seymore,   Violet Bigmore,   Elin Pears,   Grace Sweeney,   Millie Gunn,   Olivia McKenna,   Flo McBride-Stewart,   James BcBride-Stewart,   Charlie Oakes

Jessica Colwell

Jessica always helps new members of the class and makes a point of ensuring another gymnast with additional needs, understands what they are doing on each piece.



Natalie Davies

Natalie took hold of another gymnasts hand and helped them to find their way around the gym by playing mother hen.



Rebekah Reeves

Rebekah has been nominated by another gymnast for being very friendly and helpful when she was new to the group


Jessica Corbishley

Jessica helped the younger gymnasts to sanitise their hands at the end of their sessions and always makes sure that they are happy.



Eloise Davies

Eloise always comes in with a big smile on her face and tries her best.  She works hard and helps other members in the group.

Grace Sweeney

Grace always arrives in a positive frame of mind.  She works hard and always tries her best.  She is always very helpful, offering coaches assistance to move equipment and helping younger gymnasts without being asked.  She is a great role model.


Heather Morter

Heather has been so supportive of the gymnasts this year, from working outside at our Marbury sessions, to encouraging our gymnasts and making sure they all felt comfortable on returning to a very different gym set up.



Syd Acton

Even when some of Syd's group weren't in for training leaving him on his own on certain pieces of apparatus, he still worked hard and focused throughout the session, improving some of his basic skills.

Emily Watkins

A new skill breakdown, bridge kick over on the floor then before we knew it, Emily had progressed to a full Backward Walkover.  She had worked so hard to achieve each progression, we're so proud of her.

Eleanor Ma

Eleanor moved from 4 piece gymnastics into the Display Team and always comes to every training session with lots of positivity and enthusiasm. In her free time, she helps the other Display girls to get up to speed with anything they have missed in the new routine.



Steph Bunn

Since the start of Lockdown, Steph has supported the club and now back in the gym, no job is too much trouble. She always makes sure our gymnasts are enjoying their sessions.

Hollie Reid

Hollie has been full of Enthusiasm since we returned to gym.  She always smiles in the gym and makes sure that she counts for everyone during hand-washing in between apparatus.



April Oakes

April has been working with a wide variety of groups lately, but has always ensured that the children working with her have fun whilst they are learning new things or improving existing skills. 



Alex Mercer

On Alex's first session back after Lockdown, she was asked to try chin ups on bars and managed 5 amazing ones which went right above the bar level.  She said she had been practising during Lockdown as before she was only able to achieve 2.

Darla Rigby

Our first week back in the gym after Lockdown, and Darla ensured all of the children she worked with were happy and comfortable on every piece of apparatus.  At the end of each session she got straight into cleaning our equipment ready for the next groups.

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