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Our Hartford Sets 

Our Hartford Sets  floor & vault competition was created to enable our squad gymnasts to show everyone what they had been achieving in the gym.

Michelle Oakes & Sally Bailey created routines which would be challenging, developmental but most of all achievable. These routines have now been performed by hundreds of gymnasts from all over the Cheshire & Merseyside area, and are also being used by a number of other clubs at their competitions too.

Charlie & Michelle, with help from the Coaching team, have added new sets and tweaked the odd skill here and there to maintain the development of the gymnasts.

The main objective for all gymnasts entering the competition is to have fun, which is why we have the club motto "who grins, wins". 


More competition news is on our Club levels Championship page...

Hartford Sets December 2019

Another huge success! Again, it was great to see so many of our development squad gymnasts showing their friends and family their floor and vault routines. It was also great to share the competition with our friends from other clubs.  Huge thanks to Team Hartford for once again stepping up to make sure that all of our gymnasts and their families have a really enjoyable day.

Hartford Sets 21st July 2019

One of the best ways to spend a Sunday morning, is with our amazing Development Squad Gymnasts watching them perform to their family and friends at our Hartford Sets Club Competition.

Fantastic performances from everyone, WELL DONE to you all, we are very proud of you.


Hartford Sets December 2018

What a competition!

227 gymnasts sparkled during their performances and showed their families how amazing they all were!

It was another busy Hartford Sets competition with 2 visiting clubs and over 130 of our gymnasts competing on the Floor & Vault.

With Christmas music playing and their families watching, our gymnasts all had their smiley faces on and wowed the audience with their hard work. For this, all of our gymnasts received a participation medal and 73 gymnasts also gained places on the medal podiums.

In total, Hartford achieved 39 Bronze, 29 Silver & 31 Gold medals.

A huge THANK YOU as always to those people who make it all happen…. Our Hartford Gym Family!

Well done to everyone involved in the event,

you really do make us proud.

See our Facebook page for photographs of our amazing gymnasts


Hartford Sets July 2018

Our smaller competition due to the time of year, but we still had 2 visiting clubs and over 160 gymnasts competing in our summer floor & vault competition.

We were very proud of how hard our gymnasts had worked to achieve personal goals and apparatus medals and this certainly showed in their performances.

Our gymnasts won a total of 36 Gold medals, 37 Silver medals & 28 Bronze medals, with everyone taking home a "Smiley Face Participation Medal" for trying their best.

Well done to everyone who took part and a big THANK YOU to our Coaching Team, Judging Team & Gym Family who kept everything running smoothly and ensured

that everyone had a great time.


Hartford sets December 2017

Wow, what a day!!

It was a first for our club, 420 entries with 3 visiting clubs and what a great event it was. With Christmas music and smiling faces, we experienced one of the best competitions we have held.

The green army of coaches had been making sure that children were ready for their comp and the gymnasts families were ready to see

what their children had been working so very hard on.

We saw some of our youngest gymnasts compete for the very... first time and smiled all the way through. Even with butterflies in their tummies, they shone and performed their best to receive their "smiley face" participation medals. Some of them even went on to win apparatus medals too.

For some of our gymnasts, this was a competition to better their score from last time, and without exception, all of our gymnasts improved on their previous performances and we are very proud of them all.

As a club we achieved 33 gold, 44 silver & 30 bronze medals.

Our green dream team made sure that the event ran smoothly throughout a very long day, with jobs ranging from coaching, making refreshments, fundraising, selling leotards, judging, door duties and running. The green army also did a fab job of transporting equipment, setting up and planning before the day itself.

We are extremely lucky to have an amazing gym family who are there to support us whenever we need them. We couldn't have made this event run so well without them and we want to thank them and everyone who

took part in it for making it such an enjoyable day.

We have some group pictures on our Facebook Page @ Hartford school of gymnastics 


Sets Comp December 2016

Over 300 gymnasts, 6 visiting clubs & schools, a family of coaches & helpers, proud parents & grand parents and lots of good wishes and support. This is the recipe for a successful competition and that is what happened at our own Club competition yesterday.

19 years ago, Charlie and I had a dream and we are really proud to have seen our dream grow and develop into a gym club to be so proud of.

We work with some amazing children, and yesterday showed that no matter which level or discipline of gymnastics our children work at, they do it with such enthusiasm and try their best always.

A huge THANK YOU to everyone who made this event so successful.


Sets Comp June 2016

Another successful competition resulting in lots of very happy children, an abundance of medals & personal achievements, proud families and an amazing Hartford gym family who were the glue that held it all together.

Thank you to all of our gym family for their hard work and to our visiting clubs from Frodsham and Wirral.


 Hartford Sets December 2015

Wow! What a great day! 

With 2 visiting clubs and 1 school, this was one of our biggest club competitions with 252 children taking part. We also had the lovely surprise of having a very special friend of Charlie & Michelle to present the medals....

Beth Tweddle, made a lot of gymnasts very happy,

having their picture taken with her, talking to her and some had Beth helping them with their routines and vaults. She even helped Michelle with the computer scoring!!

All of our gymnasts had worked really hard to get their routines ready to show their families and friends and we were extremely proud of them all. 

The Hartford medal total looked like this....

26 Gold medals, 37 Silver medals & 22 Bronze medals plus 108 Personal Achievement medals!

Our gym family did an amazing job again, coaching,

judging, presenting medals, cooking, preparing drinks, selling leotards, supporting, transporting and setting up equipment & fund raising over £1200 towards our new floor!  

We can't thank you all enough for the wonderful work you all do. We really are so lucky to have such a fantastic gym family who care about our club as much as we do.



Hartford Sets June 2015

What a brilliant day!

Our Hartford Sets competition saw 234 gymnasts competing, some for the very first time! We had 4 visiting clubs and lots of smiling faces. All of our gymnasts performed brilliantly and some took home apparatus medals too. In total Hartford achieved 22 Gold, 27 Silver and 20 Bronze medals!!!

HUGE THANK YOU's go to our amazing Gym Family....

Our Coaching team for taking care of and supporting our gymnasts during their competition and throughout their training PLUS presenting a lot of medals!. Our Judges for their knowledge, patience and support. Our Parent helpers for keeping everyone fed and watered throughout the day, making sure scores and presentations were organised, helping to transport/set up the competition and for generally being there to help whenever we ask. Our Friends Of Hsog for raising an amazing amount of money towards our new floor area - over £600! - with the tombola and raffle. Our Gymnast helpers for doing jobs throughout the day. Our parents for their support and commitment and

our Gymnasts for doing their best and making us very, very proud.



Hartford sets June 2014 

A great day at Knutsford Leisure centre.  

110 gymnasts which included 1 visiting club from Wirral and 2 schools, Comberbach Primary and the Priory. Our gymnasts worked really hard on their routines and vaulting skills to achieve great personal results.  As

a club we gained 13 Gold, 20 Silver & 16 Bronze medals but more importantly a lot of happy gymnasts who all did an amazing job.

Well done to all of our gymnasts, we are very proud of you.


Hartford Sets 4 piece  February

We introduced a new competition for our club this

year, a Sets competition using all 4 Olympic pieces of apparatus for Women. 

We invited Weaverham Gymnastics Club to join us and held it at their Community Centre.

34 girls entered in 3 levels and every gymnast achieved a medal place.

Well done to our gymnasts, coaching team, judges and our gym family for brilliant work and support.


Hartford Sets June 2013

A little warmer than the last comp but the atmosphere and enthusiasm was the same. Over 130 children took part from 3 clubs, Sutton Stars, Penketh and Hartford and they all performed really well.

Our gym family kept things in order and ensured that everyone enjoyed their special time at the competition.

Thank you to everyone who helped to make this competition a success.


Hartford Sets December 2012

Another amazing day full of fun, achievement and lots and lots of smiling faces. We had over 200 competitors from Hartford and Lymm gym clubs, and children from 4 schools - Norley Primary, Charles Darwin Primary, Comberbach Primary and Weaverham High School.

Our coaching team and gym family worked their socks off to keep things running smoothly and to ensure that everyone enjoyed the day.

The Fergus Beedham schools trophy was won by Comberbach Primary School.

A HUGE WELL DONE to all of our gymnasts, we are very proud of all of you.



Wow what a great day. We had gymnasts from Hartford and Lymm competing on floor and vault and they all did themselves, their club, their coaches and their families very very proud.  The gymnasts had been training hard on their routines with some of them performing new skills and vaults for the first time. All of the gymnasts went home with a participation medal for their hard work and for wearing a smile.

WELL DONE to everyone involved in the competition

and a huge THANK YOU to our GYM FAMILY  for coaching, providing refreshments, setting up and generally being a great team to work with.  

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