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Our British Gymnastics Ceremonies Team

Early in 2012 we received a telephone call from British  Gymnastics asking if we would like to be the medal ceremonies team for the British Championships in Liverpool that year........ we said yes and things have developed from there........


From a team of 8 we now have 19 girls & boys who work with the Events Team and volunteer for British Gymnastics at some of their most prestigious events.


2023 Events

Artistic British Championships - Liverpool

Rhythmic, Aerobic & Acrobatic British Championships - Telford

Adult British Championships - Lilleshall National Sports Centre

Trampoline, Tumbling & DMT British Championships - Birmingham

World Trampoling Championships - Birmingham

World Age Group Trampoline Championships - Birmingham

2022 Artistic World Championships Liverpool!

Michelle had been in meetings since March and in September the team was chosen and gym rehearsals started.  The team were excited but a little nervous with the thought of how big this event was, but working together was their strength and Michelle knew they'd do an amazing job as well as get so much out of the experience.

With a days rehearsal behind them, the team "moved in" to the M&S Bank arena with more bags and suitcases than the Kardashians!

The buzz from the audience was electric as the team saw the GB gymnasts claim medals which they took great pride in being part of presenting.

Throughout the event, Emma kept up a blog on our Facebook page with pictures and reports. Emma has been part of the team since 2013 attending most of the high profile events. These were her final words...

Wow, what a week!

Words can’t describe what an unbelievable experience this past week has been.

From all the compliments from the BBC, the FIG, event officials, British Gymnastics and more! It has been one hell of a ride and we’ve loved each and every second.

Last night we were honoured to be invited to the closing ceremony where Michelle was presented with an award from the President of the Federation of International Gymnastics for volunteering as Ceremonies Manager for British Gymnastics since 2012.

In Michelle’s own words -

“Proud isn’t big enough to explain how I’ve felt working with this amazing team this week at the World Championships. The praise and compliments we received showed what a fantastic job they did and just how special the whole team are. Then to hear my name read out at the closing ceremony and to be presented with an award from the President of the Federation of International Gymnastics for volunteering as Ceremonies Manager for BG since 2012, has completely blown me away.”

Artistic British Championships Liverpool

The team were back volunteering!

With a new stage in place, Michelle was asked to choreograph the ceremony for the Artistic Championships where eyes would be on procedures for the World Championships being held in the same venue in November.  The gymnastics was top quality and the team worked hard ensuring things ran smoothly as always.  Day 2 and Michelle was called to a meeting regarding Worlds.....  We were asked to provide the ceremonies team again for the World Championships in November where Michelle was asked to be Ceremonies Manager for the event. The team were bouncing or the remainder of the weekend and are really excited to be part of such a high profile event.

Other events this year include

Adult British - Lilleshall

Acrobatic British - Fenton

Trampoline, Tumbling & DMT British - Birmingham


Ceremonies returned later in 2021 but in a different format to ensure the safety of volunteers and athletes.

Michelle was invited to manage the ceremonies at the Bill McLaughlin championships in Guildford.

Michelle, Emma, April & Rhea also invited to Acrobatic British Championships in Fenton.

Both events had very different ceremonies with the Vips taking medals onto the podium themselves, but it felt so good to be back working with the BG Events team again.

Looking forward to 2022 and the first big event, Artistic British Championships


Unfortunately, due to the Covid-19 pandemic, our Ceremonies team have only been able to fulfil one of their events so far this year, at The Pat Wade Acrobatic in Fenton.  The Events Team at BG will keep us up to date as to when our next event will be.

A new recruit to the team The BG Events Managers, approached us and asked if it would be possible to include boys in our team for ceremonies. We said we had the perfect person back at our gym, Thomas Cannon. Thomas stepped out onto the ceremonies stage at the Adults British Championships at Lilleshall and did an amazing job.  He will be seen in his suit and tie at more events in the future.

Junior Team  As we knew that 2017 was going to be another busy year for our Ceremonies Team, we recruited a Junior team who did a fantastic job..... and still do!



The World Gymnastics Championships,  Glasgow 2015

When I got the call it still didn't seem real.... BG have asked us to be the Ceremonies team at the World Gymnastics Championships in Glasgow!!... was the call I was making to the team.  This still didn't seem real when we were

watching highlights back on TV at Christmas but it was and it was the most emotional, crazy, action packed, energy draining, adrenalin pumping experience the team and myself would ever experience but most of all it was what dreams were made of, a truly memorable experience.

Here is the link to the report by Andrew Simpson, Senior Sports Editor from The Guardian newspaper, who followed us throughout the event....


This is where the team have been presenting medals during 

the past 8 years


Mens and Womens Artistic Championship, M & S  Bank Arena, Liverpool

Artistic World Cup, Birmingham

Acrobatics NDP, Fenton

Championship Series Bank Arena, Liverpool

Adult British Championships, Lilleshall

Trampoline, Tumbling & DMT British Championships, M & S Bank Arena



British Acrobatic Championships 2018, Fenton Manor

British Mens, Womens & Disabilities

Artistic Gymnastics Championships, Echo Arena Liverpool

World Artistic Gymnastics Cup, Birmingham

Acrobatic Grades National Finals, Fenton Manor

British Trampoline, Tumbling & DMTChampionships, Birmingham

Pat Wade Acrobatic Gymnastics, Fenton Manor


Womens & Mens Artistic Championships

Trampoline & Tumbling NDP Finals, International Centre

Championship Series (4 different disciplines

British Adults Championships

Trampoline & Tumbling British Championships

Pat Wade Acrobatics Championships



British Veterans Gymnastics Championships

British Championship Series 2016 (incorporating Sports Acrobatics, Rhythmic, Team Gym, Gym for Life Challenge & Sports Aerobic)

British Trampoline, Tumbling and DMT Championships

British Mens & Womens Artistic Championships including Disabilities Championships,

Glasgow World Cup 2016  &  Mens Artistic Junior Championships  



Pat Wade Classic Acrobatics


Tumbling, Trampoline & DMT Championships

British Gymnastics Championship Series (incorporating Acrobatics, Rhythmic, Aerobics, Teamgym and Ministrada), 

British Mens and Womens Artistic Championships



The Glasgow World Cup

Pat Wade Acrobatics Championships

Veterans British Championships

British Aerobics Championships

Tumbling, DMT &Trampoline NDP Finals

Team Gym Championships

British Mens & Womens Artistic Championships

Acrobatic Championships



The Glasgow World Cup incl British Espoirs & Junior Mens Championships

Aerobics Championships

Tumbling, Trampoline & DMT Championships

Rhythmic Championships

Team Gym Championships

British Mens & Womens Artistic Championships



British Mens & Womens Artistic Championships

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