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Club Rules and Procedures

These are our club rules & procedures which can also be found on the gym notice board in our reception

Anyone attending a class must wear appropriate clothing, remove all jewellery as per BG policy, and have hair tied up securely.


Coach’s instructions must be adhered to at all times for safety and developmental purposes.


Sessions must be paid for prior to a session or via regular monthly payment.


Any current injury or illness must be reported to a coach BEFORE taking part in a class. The Senior coach will then assess if a participant is fit/well enough to participate.


Participants should arrive approximately 5 minutes before a class starts, wearing suitable clothing to and from the gym.


Participants under the age of 16 must be accompanied to and from the gym, and should not arrive or leave the building without an adult. Children are not permitted to meet their parents in the car-park or wait outside the building.


Any welfare concerns regarding a participant or a member of the Hartford school of Gymnastics coaching team, should be forwarded to our Welfare team :

Mrs Ruth Cannon & Miss Steph Bunn. 

Contact details are available on the gym notice board and the Team Hartford page of this website.



Any unsuitable behaviour towards a member of the coaching team or another participant will be addressed by the Senior coach and Welfare team. Where necessary, an appropriate sanction will be presented to all parties concerned and implemented where deemed necessary.


Any form of abuse directed at any participant, member of the Hartford coaching team or associate of Hartford school of gymnastics will not be tolerated, and could result in exclusion from the

gym/gym related event.

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