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Our group structure


Recreational Gymnastics


All of our new starters will learn their gymnastic skills in Recreational groups, unless they have transferred from another clubs' squad class.  Gymnasts are assessed on an ongoing basis and if we feel that a child shows the physical and mental ability for a move up into a Development Squad, then they will be asked to attend gym 2-3 times per week at specified times.



Development Squads (Boys & Girls)


All children in these Squads work on skill based progressions relative to their age and ability.   

When a child shows that they can safely and independently perform specific skills, and have the maturity to cope with additional hours and physical training, they will be invited to move into a more advanced development squad.

All Development Squad gymnasts have the opportunity to participate in our club competitions.  





Competitions are not compulsory and if a child prefers not to compete then we will respect their decision.  

We will only enter gymnasts into competitions if we feel that they have the skill ability and confidence to perform the required skills safely and consistently.

We will move gymnasts to new competition levels when we feel that they are confident to train for that next level regardless of results

from the last competition.  County and Regional competitions have a structure which governs when the gymnast is required to move up.


We will not enter a child into a competition or move them up a level until we feel it will be of benefit to their development both physically and psychologically.

Not all children will be entered into every competition after Hartford Sets, as all children are individuals and learn at different speeds.


We want all of our gymnasts to feel happy that they have achieved something after a competition, and celebrate their successes

regardless of whether they have won a medal or not.


Our club competition structure can be found on the designated

web page.


If you require any further information, please do not hesitate to speak to a Senior member of the Coaching Team.

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